Please Feel Free To Download Any Or All Of My Open Rocket Files.  Just Right Click And Save As. Please Understand That You Are Totally Responsible For Their Use.
This Page Designed By Andrew C Cooper 07.01.11
Updated On 07.17.12
AAM-N-4 Oriole - An early Air To Air Missle.  Never Put Into Production
The Asender XL - An Upscale Of A Design I Found On The Web.  Very Straight Flights
The Astro-Maxi - An Upscale Of An Old Centuri Design.  The Only Centuri Kit I Ever Built.
The Boiler Plate - My First Design With Through The Tube Fins.
The China Syndrome - Named After All The Core Samples I Have Taken With Some Of My Rockets.
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Bela Lagoosie - Based On A Design From The Solviet Block Countries From Back In The 1970's. Flies Really High On An E28!
Yellow Jacket 3 - A Three Inch Version Of A Rocket One Of The Guys On The Rocketry Forum Came Up With And I Up Sized For A Three Inch Tube And 29MM Motors.
Flight Record Sheet  - You need Adobe Reader to use this record sheet!  Right Click then chose Save As!
Texas Tooth Pick - The Longest Rocket I Ever Designed.  Over 82 Inches Long.  It Won't Fit In My Car So I Have To Strap It To The Top.  Flies Really Great On A G.
The Arrow - An Upscale Of An Old Estes Rocket.  Six Fins And A 29mm Motor Mount Equals High Flights On G Engines