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People who think Odd-Rocs should not be included in model rockets, nor allowed at NAR launches!  This really steams me.  Odd-Rocs have been around a long time.  Even Estes and Centuri used to make some, and Estes published plans for others.  My saying is.  If you can get it to fly, more power to you.  One thing I will say, is that ANY rocket, Odd-Roc or not, from a plan, kit, or original, the first flight should be a heads up flight
MicroSoft Internet Explorer!  I hate it!  It is so difficult to do web pages because of Internet Explorer.  Sometimes things work, sometimes it doesn't!  What will work in Google Chrome, or Fire Fox, usually won't work in Internet Explorer even though it complies with all HTML and CSS conventions! (Just Not MicroSoft's Convention!)  I've been doing web pages since 1996 and MicroSoft still can't get it right!
I hate the new Yahoo! Mail!  I prefer the old version.  I have a premium account and if you use your browser back button to go back to your in-box, you have to resign in!  Also you have to tell it if you want to cc or bcc everytime by pressing a button this takes you back to you message then you have to push the bcc button, go to your address book and add the address.  Just doesn't seem right to me.
I hate fracking!  That is the reason that The Alamo Rocketeers lost our China Grove Field.  A Company will be fraking in that area.  I feel sorry for all the good neighbors we had around there.  Since they are all using well water they will have nothing but trouble now.
Rocket companies who feel that the word HAZMAT means they can charge any amount they want.
Krylon Rattle Cans (Krylon spray paint cans).  Not the actual paint (I really can't tell the difference between one paint and another) but the cans themselves.  The funky nozzle is the pits!
People who constantly over fly a field and constantly complains about it.  Common sense is in short supply.