Gyro XL - Flies Great on an E18
The Shave Tail - A Small Rocket Used By NASA To Test High Speed Parachute Deployment
The Terripan - A Small Inexpensive Sounding Rocket For Universities with Small Budgets.
X-9-1 - The First Missle Used By The Army-Air Force To Test Tracking With Radar.
Please Feel Free To Download Any Or All Of My Open Rocket Files. Just Right Click And Save As. Please Understand That You Are Totally Responsible For Their Use.
Open Rocket - This Is A Great FREE! Rocket Design Program.
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Updated On 07.17.12
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Aries 3 - Not A Scale Model, But My Interpretation  Of One Flies Great On A Estes D12 And Out Of Sight With An E18!
Anti-Matter - Based On A Cartoon Rocket It Flies Very Well On An F24.  ALL FINS MUST BE ALIGNED Or It Will Spin Going Up Reducing Altitude.
More Designs Here!
Big Dawg Max - An Upscale Of A Old Estes Kit.  It Uses a 29MM Motor Mount So It Will Easily Go Out Of Sight On An F.  About 1700 Feet On A G.
The Flying Pancake -  Easy To Build.  Fun To Fly. This Is A PDF File
The Texas Bar Fly - A Helicopter Recovery Break-A-Part design. Paint it Bright Or Loose It! This Is A PDF File.