I really what to thank you for taking the time to stop by and check out my rocket web page.  I really believe that rocketry, in all its forms, Model, Mid-Power, High Power, and even experimental is one of the greatest hobbies.

I first saw a model rocket fly in the summer of 1967.  My mother, sisters, and I had gone to England to visit my grand-parents.  In a school yard two boys where doing something that I went and checked out   They had made a small rocket out of paper tubes, thin wood, it had a parachute, and it used a little card board encased rocket motor that they ordered from Germany!  How cool was that!

As soon as I got home I saved my money, looked in the back of 'Boy's Life Magazine' and found that for the sum of ten dollars a man named Vern Estes would send you a rocket kit (The Astron Streak), three rocket motors (A8.3 back in those days), and a complete launch system, which was a little plastic box which held 4 "PHOTO" D batteries (before alkaline). The rest is history.

My best friend and I flew rockets till he went off to college and I went off to work.  That was pretty much the way it was until I was blessed with a son in 1991.  For my son's fifth birthday my best friend bought my son an Estes starter set.

We have flown together ever since.  He is now a junior in college, and I fly with a great group of guys.  We call ourselves the Alamo Rocketeers.  We fly in a field in the small town of Schertz Texas.

All are welcome at our launches, so check on the launches page to see when and where!
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Our "NORMAL" Launch will be on July 21st. There are other Launches on the Launches page! Check out the how to section for some Micro-Maxx motor help! Something really new.  I have now posted on the video page some highlights of the launches that have been held this past month.